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Company Profile

Company Profile - Rajesh LifeSpaces

Mumbai is a city quite unlike any other. It is faster, louder, forever on the go. At Rajesh LifeSpaces, we understand the beat of Mumbai. We feel the pulse of its people, and know that out here, life is in a state of constant change. That's why our properties in Mumbai are designed to complement the lifestyle of those who call it home.

For over five decades, Rajesh LifeSpaces has added to its portfolio a string of residential and commercial projects that range from budget homes and future-ready apartments to elegant office spaces and plush retail hubs. Every space we have built is a celebration of life. Today, our legacy of crafting unique spaces, our strong business ethics and unwavering commitment to quality, sets us apart in the real estate industry.


Our Values


Crafting spaces. Creating legacies.

That is the essence of what we stand for. The values that make us who we are and form the compass that guides us. It talks about the pride we take in crafting spaces. And underlines what makes these spaces so extraordinary. Something that remains invisible yet makes its presence felt in the foundations and cornerstones of each of our creations. Principles that have stood the test of time.

For over half a century we have been led by a spirit of integrity, transparency, and the strongest business ethics. We have been known for our commitment to quality, timely delivery and progressive design thinking.

These are the core values that distinguish each of our creations and help them set the company's legacy, one blue print at a time.

Company Profile - Rajesh LifeSpaces